DevOps Engineer

Full Time
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Join the data management revolution! 

RAW Labs is an exciting spin-off from the renowned École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland that has developed a revolutionary way for companies to access and consume data. Our product is RAW, a next-generation data management system that accesses and queries data at source and in real time, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming ETL processes.  

RAW Labs was founded by the award-winning Professor Anastasia Ailamaki whose work can be found in the database products of Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Advisors include Prof. Martin Odersky (creator of Scala), Prof. Mike Franklin (co-creator of Spark), Alon Halevi (Facebook AI). 

To support increasing demand, we are looking for a DevOps Engineer based out of Switzerland or remote. 

You will be joining a team of talented and highly motivated people that care deeply about RAW Labs customers, partners and each other. We are a small team but have big plans, so if you enjoy working with smart people and are motivated to build a great company, we would love to hear from you! 

The Job  

As DevOps Engineer for RAW Labs, you will play a key role in the operation of the RAW platform. This includes, among other tasks, managing and scaling up the test infrastructure, the build system, the internal and customer-facing CI/CD systems, packaging and coordinating the quality assurance processes required for a successful release. 

You are a passionate and experienced engineer with demonstrable experience, detailed-oriented, with great oral and written communication skills, multi-tasker, and demonstrated team-player. You know how to manage projects on time and interact with both technical and non-technical colleagues. You want to be a major factor in the success of our customers. 

Your role is part of the engineering team and strategic for the success of our company.  We are planning on rapid growth which paves way for great career opportunities. 

Starting Date: ASAP

Your Responsibilities

  • Manage and improve the test infrastructure, which includes Kubernetes clusters, multiple relational databases, HDFS, Hive, Kafka, both on-premises and on the cloud (AWS). 
  • Maintain and improve the build system (based on SBT with custom-made components). 
  • Maintain and improve the continuous integration system (based on Jenkins). 
  • Run benchmarks, collect results, and provide tools to help analyze results. 
  • Together with the backend engineering team, develop new benchmarks and test suites that reflect customer scenarios. 
  • Maintain and improve software packaging (including Docker images, Python packages and others) 
  • Deploy large-scale test clusters on the cloud for specialized testing. 
  • Design, implement, monitor, and maintain automated deployment to production, ensuring a stable process. 
  • Ensure system reliability by verifying deployments through monitoring and automated testing. 
  • Help to troubleshoot production issues as needed. 
  • Collaborate, educate and work across teams to simplify and scale the tasks involved in building and shipping software through improved tooling, automation, and communication. 
  • Write playbooks and rehearse scenarios to ensure we have an efficient incident response to support our uptime commitments to our customers. 
  • Look for automation opportunities and implement them. 
  • Participate in customer support as needed, ready to jump into a verified emergency, organize the restoration of service, and then identify the remedial actions needed and drive them to conclusion. 
  • Interview technical candidates and contribute actively to onboarding and mentoring of new team members. 


  • University degree in computer science or engineering or equivalent experience. 
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar DevOps role.  
  • Experience in operating big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, HDFS. Experience in Kafka is a nice-to-have. 
  • Experience with Kubernetes and/or AWS. 
  • Experience with CI/CD tools e.g., Jenkins, Artifactory. 
  • Experience in DevOps tooling. These include Terraform, Packer, Vagrant, Docker, Compose, Ansible.. 
  • Languages: Python, Scala and/or Java, Go, Scripting languages. 
  • Knowledge of SQL is required to use the RAW platform. 
  • Excellent written and verbal English.  
  • Great oral and written communication skills. 
  • Nice to have: 
    • Experience in enterprise-deployments: Kerberos, Active Directory/LDAP, OAuth. 
    • Experience with Java benchmarking tools: JMH, Java Mission Control. 


  • Stimulating projects and work environment.
  • Flexible work hours and home office support. 
  • Opportunity to join a start-up with huge growth potential where you can make a difference. 
  • Great compensation plan including stock options. 
  • A company with aggressive growth plans and a potential to shape your career. 
  • Great and highly motivated co-workers who are all experts in their field.

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