VP Engineering & Country Manager (Greece)

Full Time
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RAW Labs is a rapidly expanding Swiss enterprise data technology company that was spun out of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), by Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki and a team of highly successful engineers and scientists from amongst others CERN, Cisco and Salesforce. 

At RAW Labs we have developed novel and highly innovative technologies to interrogate efficiently very large quantities of data in different formats, that are held in a variety of data stores across the enterprise and the Cloud. The RAW Labs solution enables large organizations like telecom companies or financial institutions to exploit cost effectively their big data troves for purposes including ML/AI, business Intelligence and analytics without having first to undertake costly ETL/ELT operations. We recently raised capital from a group of highly sophisticated and experienced technology investors and are advised amongst others by Prof. Martin Odersky (creator of Scala), Prof. Mike Franklin (co-creator of Spark), Alon Halevi (of Facebook’s AI team) and the former global CIO of Credit Suisse. 

In order to scale up rapidly our engineering team and our customer success capabilities, RAW Labs is planing to establish a second engineering and customer support team in Greece and is seeking a leader in Greece to spearhead this effort.

In your capacity as the head of the engineering team in Greece you will be reporting to RAW Labs CTO and co-founder. At the same time as the leader of the Greek subsidiary you will be reporting to the CEO and regularly update our Board. 

Your responsibilities

  • Build a world-class engineering and customer support team from highly skilled and motivated enterprise technology engineers that you recruit in Greece
  • Define together with our CTO and our CEO how your team will interact with the rest of the organization and what the product areas will be that the engineering team will be contributing to
  • Create an “aura” for RAW Labs in the Greek talent market to ensure that you attract the “best and brightest” engineers to join RAW Labs
  • Manage the team of developers working on Scala, Java, DevOps, and Big Data frameworks, using a development process such as the Kanban form of Agile and actively contribute to the product development yourself
  • Help the finance team define budgets and goals for your team and report regularly to the Board about the successes of the Greek team

Your qualifications

  • You have high engineering qualifications (including familiarity with big data frameworks) as well as experience and gravitas to attract and inspire a team of the “best and brightest” core database technologists and DevOps engineers from academia and corporates 
  • “Leading from the front” is not shallow management speak for you, but your own deeply ingrained belief and modus operandi which you demonstrated may times in the past
  • You have built and lead successfully engineering and/or customer support teams for another enterprise software technology company or start-up
  • As a technologist and visionary, you are an excellent communicator, articulating clearly the vision of the company and you have helped build the reputation of your company at the appropriate fora  

What we offer

  • Being at the front line building one of the greatest enterprise technology success stories
  • The opportunity to build a “startup within a growing startup” 
  • An attractive compensation package including equity upside

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