RAW Labs Raises $5.5M to Help Enterprises Unlock the Value of Their Data

Lausanne, Switzerland – February 11, 2021 – RAW Labs, today announced it has completed a USD 5.5M pre-A funding round raising capital from new and existing investors to support the surge in demand for its revolutionary data management solution. The company also announced Lars Farnstrom as its new CEO.

The financing round was led by a group of investors specializing in investments of high growth technology companies and The funding will enable RAW Labs to accelerate the acquisition of large enterprise clients and continue investing in the expansion of the capabilities of its core NoDB data platform. Claude Honegger (former global CIO of Credit Suisse) and Pyrros Koussios (former private equity investor and senior executive at international technology companies) are joining the board of directors.

“We are excited that Lars has accepted the CEO role. His long experience in enterprise software from companies like Siebel Systems and is a tremendous asset and will enable us to take RAW Labs to the next level,” said Ariel Luedi, one of the founding investors of RAW Labs and former CEO of SAP Hybris. Professor Anastasia Ailamaki, co-founder of RAW Labs, will continue as Chief Scientific Officer with the mission to strengthen the company’s research into groundbreaking data management technologies.

RAW Labs’ NoDB is a platform for data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to seamlessly access, query, clean, and enhance heterogeneous data sources in near real time and transform them into high-value data products for consumption by analytical tools, ML-models, and enterprise applications. 

What makes RAW NoDB unique is its revolutionary query engine, which unlike any other solution in the market uses Category Theory. This gives RAW the unique capability to query large and complex data sources at high performance without the need for any costly and time-consuming ETL/ELT preprocessing or integration with data sources.

“It’s a privilege to have a group of sophisticated investors who have proven experience in helping technology companies scale,” said Lars Farnstrom, CEO of RAW Labs. “Data drives digital transformation. We believe that by eliminating the artificial barrier between operational and analytical data, and by enabling this in record time and without any expensive integrations, RAW Labs can help companies accelerate their digital transformation. Just connect your data sources and start asking questions that will help you unlock new insights on how to reduce costs or increase sales.”

About RAW Labs

RAW Labs, an École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) spinout, helps companies unlock the value of data by providing a single unified platform to effortlessly access and convert any data source into data products for new insights and better decision making, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional solutions. RAW is available on premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid mode. 

RAW Labs selected to participate in the 2021 Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab

We are proud to announce that RAW Labs have been selected to participate in the 2021 Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab.

Run by Accenture, London’s FinTech Accelerator Lab helps start-ups to build connections with relevant decision makers, gain valuable insights to take businesses to the next level, and catapult visibility with the people who matter. A community framework with a global reach.

“We are very excited to participate in this highly regarded acceleration program”, says Lars Färnström, CEO of RAW Labs. “This provides a unique opportunity for us to fine-tune our value proposition for the financial industry and to engage with leading financial institutions.”

The FinTech Innovation Lab is a highly competitive, 12-week program that helps early to growth-stage enterprise technology companies refine and test their value proposition with the support of the world’s leading financial service firms.

This innovative program is an opportunity for the participating start-ups to work with potential future customers, validate propositions, gain valuable insights into the financial services industry and develop strong relationships with senior industry executives. Entrepreneurs developing potentially game-changing technologies for financial services—particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cryptography, security, data and analytics and, blockchain and distributed ledger—are selected to participate in the program.

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RAW Labs presenting its innovative data at the HPE Innovation event

RAW Labs will be presenting its innovative data platform for digital transformation on September 24th in Geneva to HPE’s Swiss customers and partners.

RAW Labs makes it easy for companies to bring together heterogenous data from multiple sources, enhance it, and make it available for consumption in other systems, or directly to end-users via its data driven applications.

“This is a great opportunity for companies to learn more about how RAW Labs can help companies accelerate digital transformation”, says Lars Farnstrom, CCO.

RAW Labs optimized software platform for HPE infrastructure and services offer a unique combination of time to value and performance.

RAW Labs joins startup program of HPE Switzerland to help companies accelerate digital transformation.

RAW Labs is pleased to announce it has been selected to join the startup program of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Switzerland. As part of the program, RAW Labs’s software platform for data driven applications will optimized for HPE hardware and services. 

“This is a unique opportunity for RAW Labs to benefit from HPE’s market reach and expertise in cloud computing, IoT, AI and Edge computing”, says Lars Farnstrom, CCO of RAW Labs. “By optimizing our software platform for HPE infrastructure and services, we will be able to offer a unique combination of time to value and performance.”

RAW Labs CEO Anastasia Ailamaki wins prestigious ACM SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovation Award

We are proud to announce RAW Labs CEO and co-founder Anastasia Ailamaki has received the prestigious ACM SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovation award for her pioneering work on the architecture of database systems, its interaction with computer architecture, and scientific data management. 

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RAW Labs and Serial SA form partnership

RAW Labs is pleased to announce that Serial SA has chosen to become a RAW Labs Consulting Partner. Founded in 1986, Serial SA is the leading Swiss system integrator for the French speaking part of Switzerland. Together, RAW Labs and Serial SA will be offering a unique combination of technology and expertise to help companies accelerete their digital transformations.

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RAW Labs participates at the HPE / Innosquare IOT Innovation event

RAW Labs was selected to participate at the Innosquare IoT Innovation event hosted by Hewlett Packard Enterprise at their EMEA HQ in Meyrin. Switzerland. The event which had more than 200 participants and national press coverage was a show case for innovation in the area of IoT and big data. This provided a great opportunity for RAW Labs to demonstrate its new and groundbreaking platform for data driven applications to multiple large and well known enterprises.

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RAW Labs presents to the CIO’s of French speaking part of Switzerland

RAW Labs presented its virtual data lake solution to the CIO’s of the French speaking part of Switzerland. The event was organised by the “Digital Circle” – a group founded by the ICT Journal which brings together CIOs to discuss digital strategies and technologies. 

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RAW Labs to Participate in “SmartDataLake: Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics” EU Initiative

RAW Labs SA has been awarded a contract to participate in the highly visible SmartDataLake project funded by the EU. RAW Labs will provide its NoDB Platform for the project. “This is an exciting moment for RAW Labs. Through this project we will be able to expose our unique NoDB technology to industry leaders and researchers”, says Anastasia Ailamaki, Co-Founder and CEO of RAW Labs. 

“SmartDataLake: Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics”, abstract:

Data lakes are raw data ecosystems, where large amounts of diverse data are retained and coexist. They facilitate selfservice analytics for flexible, fast, ad hoc decision making. SmartDataLake enables extreme-scale analytics over sustainable big data lakes. It provides an adaptive, scalable and elastic data lake management system that offers: (a) data virtualization for abstracting and optimizing access and queries over heterogeneous data, (b) data synopses for approximate query answering and analytics to enable interactive response times, and (c) automated placement of data in different storage tiers based on data characteristics and access patterns to reduce costs. The data lake’s contents are modelled and organised as a heterogeneous information network, containing multiple types of entities and relations.

Efficient and scalable algorithms are provided for: (a) similarity search and exploration for discovering relevant information, (b) entity resolution and ranking for identifying and selecting important and representative entities across sources, (c) link prediction and clustering for unveiling hidden associations and patterns among entities, and (d) change detection and incremental update of analysis results to enable faster analysis of new data. Finally, interactive and scalable visual analytics are provided to include and empower the data scientist in the knowledge extraction loop. This includes functionalities for: (a) visually exploring and tuning the space of features, models and parameters, and (b) enabling large-scale visualizations of spatial, temporal and network data. The results of the project are evaluated in real-world use cases from the business intelligence domain, including scenarios for portfolio recommendation, production planning and pricing, and investment decision making. SmartDataLake will foster innovation and enable European SMEs to capitalize on the value of their own data lakes.

Brief description of RAW Labs’ role in the project

RAW Labs SA has designed a software stack that permits efficient and scalable execution of analytic queries directly on raw data files (i.e., without pre-formatting and importing them in a database). Therefore, it has extensive experience in the following two areas: (a) integration of heterogeneous data into one data model, and (b) optimization of query execution against these data, in particular in the context of distributed storage/computing. Accordingly, RAW Labs SA will participate in WP2, in particular leading the efforts on distribution and elasticity.

The presence of RAW Labs SA will bring in not only the strong technical expertise but also a robust codebase of its flagship product called RAW, a distributed query execution engine for raw data. Starting from a mature and robust query execution engine codebase will enable the project participants to focus on the innovative aspects of SmartDataLake. In addition, RAW Labs SA will participate in the pilot testing and will contribute to the activities for dissemination and exploitation, particularly within its network of clients and collaborators.

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SSR SRG successfully completes pilot in 3 weeks

The Swiss National Broadcasting Corporation, SRG SSR completed the implementation of RAW in a record 3 weeks. SRG SSR was able  to clean, transform, and integrate complex programmatic content data, ranging from nested XMLs, JSONs and web services.

The project included data from the Radio Télévision Suisse, Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen, Radiotelevisione svizzera and SwissInfo channels.

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