RAW Labs presents to the CIO's of French speaking part of Switzerland

Lausanne, November 20 - 2018.

RAW Labs presented its virtual data lake solution to the CIO's of the French speaking part of Switzerland. The event was organised by the "Digital Circle" - a group founded by the ICT Journal which brings together CIOs to discuss digital strategies and technologies. 

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Butler Analytics Review: "This is very interesting technology..."

Lausanne, September 11 - 2018.

Butler Analytics today publish a first review of RAW: "RAW Labs uses some very interesting technology and techniques to provide a workable schema-on-read solution to the needs of analysis. The company could quite legitimately call its technology AI, although the solid academic origins of the platform mean it is presented in a rather soberer manner. The claim is that RAW infers a data schema based on the query that is launched against diverse, and multiple data sources."

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RAW Labs to Participate in "SmartDataLake: Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics" EU Initiative

Lausanne, September 7 - 2018.

RAW Labs SA has been awarded a contract to participate in the highly visible SmartDataLake project funded by the EU. RAW Labs will provide its NoDB Platform for the project. "This is an exciting moment for RAW Labs. Through this project we will be able to expose our unique NoDB technology to industry leaders and researchers", says Anastasia Ailamaki, Co-Founder and CEO of RAW Labs. 

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SSR SRG Implements RAW in 4 Weeks

Lausanne, August 20 - 2018. 

The Swiss National Broadcasting Corporation, SRG SSR completed the implementation of RAW in a record 4 weeks. SRG SSR was able  to clean, transform, and integrate our complex programmatic content data, ranging from nested XMLs, JSONs and web services. The project included data from the Radio Télévision Suisse, Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen, Radiotelevisione svizzera and SwissInfo channels.

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