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Key Features Starter EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise Edition
 Users Single Unlimited Unlimited
 Restrictions on memory and CPU NoNo No 
 Deployment Single machineSingle machineCluster
 Deployment options RPMRPM, Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS RPM, Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS
 Distributed real-time query engine YesYesYes
 OpenAPI publishing Yes Yes Yes
 Single SQL like query language for all data Yes Yes Yes
 Support for heavily nested queries YesYesYes
 Data cleaning Yes Yes Yes
Join all supported formats without complex scriptsYesYesYes
 Machine learning integration Yes Yes Yes
Embed Python code in RAW queries YesYesYes
Embed RAW queries in Python codeYesYesYes
 Automatic caching and performance optimization Yes Yes Yes
 Save queries Yes Yes Yes
Share queries  between users No Yes Yes
Authorization and security NoYesYes
 Query logging and auditing No Yes Yes
 Support Online documentation and communityChat and phone working hoursChat and phone working hours
 Supported file formats CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, HJSON, Logs, Parquet, AVRO, HJSON, HDF5, REST API
 Supported data sources HFDS, MySQL, Hive, HTTP, Local File Systems, SQL Server, Dropbox, AWS S3, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Supported clients  Python, Jupyter, Scala, Command line, REST API, Java

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