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RAW solves complex data management problems. From Data Scientists needing a quick way to build their training data, to the Chief Data Officer wanting a single, federated image of the company data without having to invest heavily in new data storage solutions. 

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RAW enabled SRG SSR to clean, transform, and integrate complex programmatic content data, ranging from nested XMLs, JSONs and web services. As a result, they were able to deliver a search engine in a record 3 weeks only, spanning data from the Radio Télévision Suisse, Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen, Radiotelevisione svizzera and SwissInfo channels.

Data Lake Monetization

How fast can you get value out of your data lake - if at all? Data lakes are great places for storing any type of data, but getting real business value is a challenge: it is difficult to query the all data due to the variety of data formats, yet alone join different sources together to make new insights. This requires multiple tools, scripting and a lot of time. With RAW, users have a single tool to query all the data and get actionable insights. RAW allows you to query and join any type of data - with a single SQL like statement. And you can do it immediately. There's no preparation time. What's more, the data output can be fed back into operational systems and data science applications further enhancing the value of your data lake. Get ROI now.

Accelerated Data Science

Data Scientists struggle with data wrangling, spending most of their trying to access, clean and keep their data up-to-date. Experimentation is key for successful data science. RAW allows Data Scientists to quickly create their data sets on the fly, and explore and analyze the data. RAW keeps the data updated in real time and enables the Data Scientist to add new sources on fly. IT support is only required for accessing the data sources. 

Supercharged Data Analytics

One of the biggest obstacle for fast data analytics is dealing with data variety. Conventional practice forces you to build a data lake or data warehouse, create the schema in advance, and ingest and transform the data before you can even start analyzing it. Which means you need to know in advance what you're looking for. With RAW you simply point to the raw data files - no matter the type - and RAW creates the queries and data set in real-time. No waiting!

Real-time Data for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is changing the way companies operate. Getting access to and integrating data from multiple sources with different format, frequency and qualify is crucial for a successful digital transformation. Getting this without prohibitive storage costs is difficult. Getting the transformed data in near real-time even more so. With RAW, enterprises can deliver any type of data - cleaned and transformed to the desired format - in near-real time without the need to persist the results in expensive storage solutions

Single Corporate Data Image

Dispersed data storages, data compliance rules, diverse and complex data formats, but most of all, inhibitive data processing and storage costs makes is nearly impossible for companies to consolidate and analyse their data. RAW's in-situ query and smart caching technology enables organisations to quickly and efficiently connect to any data source and create federate image without any additional data lake and data warehouse projects.