NoDB - A Paradigm Shift

We have developed a brand new data management technology to solve the main data problem of tomorrow's enterprise: Exponential data growth. Born out of years of academic research, our ground breaking technology enables organisations to manage their ever increasing, diverse and disperse data without the creation of expensive data lakes and data warehouses. 

Support for Data Variety

Access in any data type in its native format: CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, relational and NoSQL databases, machine logs, Parquet, Avro, HDF5, etc.

Complex Queries

RAW supports very complex queries, including abirtrarily nested queries. RAW allows you to easily clean and transform data, and join data across multiple different sources.


RAW provides full query power of never before seen data. No data preparation required.
RAW access data in situ and processes it in real time

High Performance

Queries are optimized for each unique data source and code generated on the fly. Smart caching and parallel query execution guarantees high performance at any time.


RQL (RAW Query Language) is our extended version of SQL to make is easy for any one to construct and execute complex queries across  any data type in real-time. 

Tools Integration 

We support key languages such as 
Python, Java, Scala, data lakes format like Parquet and data frameworks like Spark. No additional tools or administration required for IT.

Quick Implementation

The implementation of RAW is straight forward and does not require any particular configuration. Just provide access to the data sources and you're ready to go!

Data Science Ready

The RAW platform is ready for data science. Simply construct your queries on multiple data sources and start building your ML and AI models directly in a Jupiter Notebook.

Flexible Deployment 

Chose whether you want to run RAW on-premise or as hosted instance on AWS, Azure or the Google Cloud. RAW also supports hybrid deployments.