12 Benefits of Data Sharing via APIs

July 14, 2022
Why you should share data via APIs
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Data sharing is hot in 2022. Businesses sharing data are more likely to outperform those who do not (Gartner). But most are not sharing data and taking those opportunities, because of fear, culture or lack of expertise. At RAW Labs, we make it simple to share data using APIs which are a modern approach.

For the full article read our Dataversity Blog but here’s the summary of the 12 benefits of Data Sharing using APIs:

  1. Data is live and on-demand
  2. Users can get data they want, not just what’s sent
  3. Data can easily be served in different formats
  4. An API can be versioned as it matures
  5. Both users and computers can consume APIs easily
  6. Standards for APIs give interoperability and tooling options
  7. Avoid managing messy files
  8. API access is easily measured, metered, and audited
  9. An API can reflect your business
  10. APIs are database-independent
  11. An API is a contract
  12. APIs are testable

Read more at our Dataversity Blog.

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