Open Source, Community and Support

Our commitment to open source

RAW Labs was founded by database researchers, well aware that our work builds upon the shoulders of others.

We believe that open source is a lot more than making the code publicly available, but it is about explaining it, openly building and engaging a community around it, encouraging contributions, and supporting the ongoing development of technology, so that we all learn.

That’s why we open sourced our Snapi language, a new data manipulation language designed to combine data from multiple sources in real time. This is a new high-level programming language inspired by countless developments in database and programming language research over the years.

Furthermore, we want to continue our contributions towards open source by documenting our work, whether in AI integration, advances in code generation, describing how we operate and secure our platform, or how we use tools like GraalVM/Truffle or Steampipe or countless other amazing open source projects we rely on on a day-to-day basis.

We hope you find this helpful and encourage you to contact us!

Questions, Issues, Comments?

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