• No Extract-Transform-Load
    No Data Loading
    No Schema Creation
    No Index Creation
    No Database Tuning
    No Flattening of XMLs or JSONs
    No Weird SQL for Nested Data

Coping with the explosive data growth requires a paradigm shift

Building new data-bases, data-lakes or data warehouses won't solve the data deluge problem. 

Learn how RAW's AI-based platform allows you to query any data type at source in real-time.

In Real-Time

RAW accesses data from most commonly-used sources and file formats at source and in 

No ETL needed.

Big & Complex Data

RAW queries relational tables, JSON, XML, array data, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, machine logs - all seamlessly with a SQL language.

Easy and Fast

RAW tunes itself based on your queries and your data, all autonomously. No preparation time. No need to manually create views, indexes or keep DBAs on call.