How RAW grows with your needs

October 10, 2023
RAW grows with you
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Starting simple and scaling up is pivotal for businesses seeking to grow without the hassle of switching platforms or learning new tools. At RAW, we believe in keeping the basics simple, while still supporting complex cases. So whether you’re looking to quickly set up a basic data service or implement a full-fledged data mesh strategy, the RAW platform covers your needs; let’s see how:

1st Step: Starting Simple with Instant Development

Start your journey with RAW by creating a free account, and then quickly creating ad-hoc endpoints in minutes, utilizing our precooked templates. In the process, you will quickly learn Snapi, the low-code language specifically designed for swift and efficient service building. It allows seamless joining and transformation of multiple data sources in real-time, making it an ideal starting point for users of all skill levels.

2nd Step: Grow your API Management Needs

As your projects grow in complexity, RAW’s built-in API management capabilities come to the fore. This comprehensive solution includes enforcing usage policies, access control, and collecting essential statistics. It also integrates smoothly with existing API management tools, ensuring a seamless transition and scalability.

3rd Step: Enter DataOps, Team Support and Advanced CI/CD

When you need to scale to complex projects, or are working with a larger team, RAW provides integrated CI/CD support. APIs can be served directly from GitHub repositories, encompassing integrated testing, pull requests, and branch management. This feature is essential for a comprehensive and scalable DataOps approach, facilitating more complex development workflows.

… while keeping you organized!

But beyond scaling the needs, RAW has the basics handled for you. These includes:

  • Automated Data Cataloging: Keeping track of your APIs becomes effortless with RAW’s automated data cataloging. The built-in OpenAPI-compatible catalog is automatically updated from your API definitions, offering a structured and accessible overview of your data services. This feature also allows for easy integration with existing data catalogs.
  • Extensive Data Connectivity: RAW supports a vast array of databases, data formats, and data lakes right out of the box, ensuring easy integration with your existing data sources. As your data needs grow and diversify, RAW’s platform remains adaptable and extensible.
  • Robust Security and Compliance: Scaling with RAW Labs means scaling securely. The platform provides integrated language and platform security, comprehensive user and API key management, along with rigorous monitoring and auditing capabilities. This robust security infrastructure ensures that as your operations expand, they remain secure and compliant.

Your Journey with RAW

Think of your progress with RAW as a journey from simple scenarios to powerful implementations, designed to grow with you and your team, ensuring an exceptional time-to-value while keeping operations simple and agile.

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