Integrating Multiple Data Sources into a Single API

January 19, 2023
Multiple data sources in a single API
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In a world driven by data, organizations rely on multiple sources to make informed decisions. But the sheer effort and time required to manage and retrieve data from various sources can be daunting. For real-time scenarios, there is simply no time for ETL, a process that can take hours, if not days, to complete. To keep up with the speed of business or the demands of operations, organizations need to integrate multiple data sources into a single API that can provide real-time, live data. This requires a different approach, one that prioritizes speed, efficiency, and agility.

To illustrate the problem – and our solution using RAW – we just published a comprehensive example of how to integrate multiple data sources in real-time into a single API. In this example RAW is used in an industrial setting, where crashes can be costly, and it’s crucial to identify root causes quickly. To aid in this process, site reliability engineers need to combine data from machines, sensors, system logs, and more, into a single API that can diagnose the cause(s) of crashes.

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