Sharing logs from operational systems using RAW

October 5, 2022
Sharing logs with RAW
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At RAW, our development and operational teams often need to work together to debug those harder bugs. Sometimes our standard pipelines don’t quite capture all the necessary information and we need to dig a bit deeper. This means Ops sharing logs with Devs.

Say you want to share data from a log file with others. But you cannot share sensitive information, and you also need to limit the data displayed depending on the user or application calling the endpoint. But how to do it securely?

It’s a common problem and we have an easy solution with RAW. It consists on creating an API to expose the information, ensuring only the right people can read the relevant data, deploying it and granting access in a temporary and secure manner.

Want to learn how? Check out this detailed step-by-step guide in our documentation!

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