Using public datasets with RAW – The Federal Reserve datasets

November 14, 2022
Public datasets with RAW
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One of the key advantages of using RAW is its ability to access and query public datasets, allowing users to augment their internal data with external sources of information. By using open datasets like the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s FRED dataset, users can gain valuable insights and context for their projects or analyses.

The FRED dataset is a comprehensive and reliable resource, boasting over 800,000 datasets from 108 sources that span a wide range of financial and non-financial data. With an API key, which users can create after registering with FRED, accessing this data is a straightforward process. Examples of FRED datasets that users can explore include the total population of the United States, interest rates, and US house price indices.

With RAW, users can easily join and aggregate FRED datasets with other sources of data to extract insights and create new APIs. The platform’s user-friendly interface and flexible query language make it accessible to developers of all levels, empowering them to leverage public datasets for their projects and analyses.

To get started, look at the example provided in the documentation where with a few simple lines, you can access, analyze, and use FRED data.

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