Introducing “Code with AI”

June 15, 2023
Code with ai in RAW
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RAW is a cloud-based, scalable data-integration solution, acting as a one-stop-shop for data transformation, and sharing. RAW allows for real-time querying and integration of data from various sources, from files and data lakes to databases and APIs. It goes even further by enabling the delivery and management of data product outputs as APIs.

RAW is powered by Snapi, a low-code scripting language built for data-centric tasks. Snapi makes it simple to start integrating data from source in real-time while remaining powerful enough to tackle complex scenarios when they arise. For developers wrestling with data integration, real-time access, and API management, Snapi is a great choice. But now, with our new “Code with AI” for Snapi, we’re seriously upping the game!

Creating APIs automatically with “Code with AI”

The new “Code with AI” feature is designed to streamline your work further, by creating data APIs directly from natural language. Users simply input a description of their endpoint in natural language, which the RAW platform will then translate into Snapi code automatically. This significant reduces the time and effort required in creating data APIs.

Our AI inegration goes beyond just writing the APIs. In fact, it also generates the metadata for the API, such as the title and description. These are critical to produce and maintain high quality OpenAPI specifications and create a rich and useful API catalog. This metadata creation works by analyzing the Snapi code and automatically derives relevant title, description and other relevant metadata. This means you can focus more on coding and less on administrative tasks.

Similarly, “Code with AI” also provides automatic URL generation. If you’re unsure how your API URLs should look, this feature will examine the code, title, and description and generate an appropriate URL for you. This can take the guesswork out of designing an efficient and effective URL structure that employes the best-practices of REST API design.

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RAW’s “Code with AI”  is a serious game-changer for developers and one of our most exciting developments. It’s a first step in letting RAW handle the busy work, leaving you free to tackle the complex problems that really require your expertise. The future of data management is looking bright, and it’s powered by AI.

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