Unleash the Power of LLMs with Real-Time Data

Experience lightning-fast, context-rich, and nuanced business intelligence with RAW. Harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) to process the latest data from operational systems like CRM, Finance, HR, and more, and propel your business insights to new heights.

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Join our community and learn for yourself how incredibly easy it is to create new data services.

AI Ready Data from operational Data

Operational Data at the Fingertips of LLMs

Empower your LLMs to tap into operational data in real-time using RAW, our groundbreaking solution that transforms your data into an AI-friendly format.

LLM-Ready Data

Transform your operational data into formats and structures that are instantly recognizable and usable by LLMs, enabling real-time interactions that redefine efficiency.

Data On-Demand

Ensure that your LLMs always access the most current data by directly connecting them to your operational data sources.

“Automagic” Data Contextualization

Utilize RAW to automatically enrich your data with meaningful metadata, supercharging the LLM's understanding and output accuracy.

No Hallucations

With the help of detailed metadata, RAW eliminates errors and enhances the LLM's accuracy and reliability in generating data insights.

Turbocharged Response Accuracy

Maintain a crystal-clear record of data transformations and lineage, providing unparalleled clarity and trust in the AI-generated outputs for analysts.

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Acess all LLM data scurely

Access All Data, Securely

With RAW, unlock a fortress of secure access to all your operational data, controlling which data sets are accessible to the LLM, without ever compromising security.

All-In-One Data Integration

Seamlessly access and merge data from various sources in real-time, whether structured or semi-structured, enhancing data availability and enriching insights.

Impenetrable Data Protection

Safeguard your data and systems, preventing system overload and unauthorized access, ensuring your data remains safe.

The Complete Solution
for “AI-Ready Data”

Simplify your data management with RAW's all-encompassing solution, designed for easy integration and efficient operation.

Rapid Deployment and Flexibility

Quickly integrate with LLMs and start deriving business insights faster with our pre-configured data solutions, offering exceptional agility.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce your operational costs and complexity with our unified solution, eliminating the need for multiple tools and extensive training.

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3 simple steps:
Build, Host, Share!


Build data services to aggregate data from multiple sources in real-time using AI and low-code with built-in IDE.


Host your data services in a managed platform with built-in CI/CD support, testing and API management.


Share your data securely as APIs. Includes built-in data catalog and fine-grained access control.

Built by researchers, committed to open source

RAW is powered by Snapi, our home-grown data analysis language built from the ground up for real-time data analysis. Snapi has a rich built-in library with ready-to-use connectors to the most common data formats, data lakes, and databases.

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